I’m calling on Facebook to release an anti-social graph API. Why? So someone can build this app.

My imaginary app is called News Broccoli. It’s the news everyone you aren’t is reading. A freshly pulled steaming tray of opinions you disagree with, stories from sources you don’t follow, and topics you tend to not give a damn about.

As users increasingly base their consumption of news based on what appears in their social graph, we have good reason to be concerned with the balkanization of sources and stories among social and socio-economic groups. Yes, we inevitably wind up with ‘friends’ that differ from us on certain areas of politics. Some of us have a more inclusive group. But many don’t.

Maybe users of News Broccoli don’t read what comes through their wire. Maybe some smarter folks are able to put some nice editorial or algorithmic ‘cheese’ topping on this vegetable. But dammit, wouldn’t you at least like to have the option of knowing what you’re missing? The aspirational you? I… might.